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Grassroots Sportsturf maintenance and sportsturf products.Grassroots Sportsturf is a family run sportsturf, lawncare and Landscaping Contractor business with 30 years of industry expertise. We are Sportsturf and lawncare advisors and product distributors. We pride ourselves on our Organic approach to the services we provide.


We are Industry experts in sportsturf and lawncare maintenance covering Scotland. We pride ourselves in being reliable, on time and providing a quality of works from start to finish. We take great pride in our work and communicate regularly with our clients throughout any projects with an honest approach, providing a consistant service to all our works. We also hold a range of quality sports turf maintenance products, making us your first call for sports turf products, sports turf fertilisers and grass seed. If you are looking for reliable sports turf suppliers, just contact us.


Sports Pitch establishment  and Maintenance  experts. Covering that vital grow in period. We can supply grass seed and products to ensure a good start to your sports surface.


Grassroots Sportsturf is managed by Niall Gibb, a former Head Greenkeeper, Head Groundsman, Sports Turf Maintenance Manager and Landscape Contractor. Niall in his role as Head Groundsman won awards for his work with the Hampshire F.A. The F.A. and IOG. Niall has also written articles and presented at seminars, demonstrating the passion he has for the industries. His career to date has seen him start out in Glasgow before moving to Stirling, returning to his native Glasgow and a stint as a groundsman for Glasgow Rangers F.C. His career then took him to the South Coast and a role as Head Groundsman looking after a variety of sports; golf, football, rugby, cricket as well as woodland and public open spaces. Returning to his hometown saw Niall further his experience as a sports turf maintenance manager before launching his own business where he can fully utilise his skills and expertise. 

Sportsturf Maintenance Company


As Sportsturf & Landscape Advisors, suppliers of sports turf, related products and sports turf fertilisers, we will work with you from initial concept until completion.


It was during his work on the South Coast that Niall researched and trained in the benefits of a Soil Biology approach. With the withdrawal of more and more Pesticides this is future of Intergated Pest Management, looking to get the best out of our turf soils. Grassroots Sportsturf are continually researching and training in the benefits of this approach. Please contact us for any help and assistance required.    


Grassroots Sportsturf, providing a healthy plant through soil biology, we prefer to avoid Chemicals and inorganic sports turf products that harm the soil food web, however we realise there is no overnight fix and offer a traditional programme of fertilisers. We can then make small changes to transition as required.


Grassroots Sportsturf: Is the main trading name for the areas we cover: 


Grassroots Sportsturf. Sports turf maintenance, advisor and products distributor

Grs Lawncare & Garden. Lawn care service & Garden works. Artificial Lawn Suppliers & Distributors

Grs Horticulture. Product supplier to promote plant health

Grassroots Sportsturf is a family run sports turf and fine turf company offering advisory, maintenance and Soil Biology products. We pride ourselves on the environmentally friendly, organic and innovative services we offer to sports pitches, golf courses, bowling greens and lawn markets.  Contact Us


With 30 years experience in the sports turf maintenance industry, we realise that the current maintenance practises of inorganic fertilisers, sand top dressings and heavy renovations (scarification, hollow coring, thatch dilution) are expensive to sports clubs and are not working. They provide a cycle of  thatch, pests,disease and disorders that need to be further controlled. 


We offer a Sports turf maintenance and lawncare service that will reduce your budget spend, reduce your top dressing applications, negate your inorganic feeds & degrade your thatch, releasing free fertiliser. We use a biological and organic approach. So if you are looking for a sports turf maintenance company. Contact us now


We focus on getting oxygen & life in your rootzone. Providing our Clients with more for less.


Free Analysis & Survey: Email us now 


Services include; 

  • Free survey & Analysis,
  • Spraying,
  • Fertiliser applications & programmes,
  • Weed & moss control,
  • Wetting agents,
  • Sportsturf maintenance,
  • Bowling green maintenance,
  • Oxygen boosts,
  • Turfing,
  • Overseeding.
  • Further services on request. 

Products include; Compost Tea Brewers, Compost tea ingredients, Biological fungicides, Fertilisers, Soil Amendments, Mycorrhizal amendments, Turf hardeners, Gypsums, Zeolites, Worm controls, Wetting Agents, Integrated Pest Management Programmes, Soil Analysis, Site visits, Maintenance programmes.


Grassroots Sportsturf Scotland~ Sportsturf Maintenance Scotland. We provide a sports turf maintenance service covering all of Scotland and further afield on request


We also cover domestic and commercial lawncare and garden work. Find out more here.