Springload why its good for the plant

Posted on 17th July, 2018

product springload SB Springload 5.05 + CPPA



  SB Springload is a triple  filtered high quality carbohydrates and amino acids developed for use in amenity turf and for plants .Contains Molasses.


 It also acts as an effective bio stimulant as well as providing an amino source of nitrogen that can be taken up by the plant through the leaf. which fills your plants with a range of essential plant micro nutrients keeping the plant healthy to keep growing beautifully.








  planter with springloadPlanter in Glasgow applied with SB Springload 5.0.5 + CPPA



  We applied Springload to our customers planters with our  product as with the extreme hot weather we are having at the minute, their planters were needing some TLC.


Needless to say our customer was over the moon with how healthy and vibrant their planters were looking after using our product.






Springload 5.05.+CPPA is completely organic and is compatible with most inorganic & organic bio stimulants and pesticides.


1l springload


  SB Springload in 1L Bottle



  As well as our 5L bottle we also have our Springload come in 1L bottles ideal for domestic use, you can apply Springload  as often as  required in the growing season.


 Grassroots Sportsturf have a range of SB products on our website designed not only for the plant but also for your lawns keeping them well nourished and healthy.











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