Sports Pitch improvement using Soil Biology

Posted on 27th July, 2018

We are early into the programme at Stirling Albion F.C of overcoming black layer and poor rooting however early signs are that we are getting results


Rooting Rooting Improvement

























When we first took profile samples, back in March there was very little deep rooting and black layer evident. The previous programme was using inorganic feeds. Graeme Glenn Head Groundsman at Stirling Albion F.C wanted to change and improve the pitch and sought our advice.


We took soil samples and completed a detailed analysis, which helped us compile a programme for the year.


Early days but the signs are encouraging.


Post removations, we have applied the following


SB HFU Foundation, a source of Leonardite containing,Carbon,  Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic acids. This has many benefits and we have seen a denser sward, nutrient retention and moisture retention.


SB PolyCr 25.5.13 granular organic feed


SB FelexBio 18.0.3  Foliar Feed and Bio Stimulant


SB Infuser Wetting agent and soil penetrant. Derived from the Yucca plant


SB Fulvic Acid 40% for stress relief and as a chelator.


Stirling Albion F.C using Soil Biology

















With the hot and dry weather it is proving difficult to get the amount of irrigation required onto the pitch a battle many groundsmen and greenkeepers will be facing at present. Graeme is doing an excellent job in these conditions and the products applied will all help. 


We will post further information and photos of how the programme is developing.


If you require any information or a site visit to discuss your requirements then please get in touch.

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