Improve your Amenity and Sportsturf areas by introducing NutriZorb

Posted on 17th August, 2018

NutriZorb has many important functions for Turf Managers, Landscapers, Compost Makers, Nursery Growers, Sportsturf Contractors, Organic Growers and Farming.


The product was tested at Portsmouth University by Prof. Paul Cox. Where it was confirmed to have the highest ammonium adsorbtion capability. This attracts microbes who perform many important functions including reducing NH4+ and make Nitrates for plants.

NutriZorb will also

  • Provide shelter for microbes  with its porous structure
  • Retain nutrients avoiding them being washed down through the growing medium
  • Provide firm surfaces, drawing excess moisture down
  • Retain enough moisture for plants in the area where required
  • Relieve compaction
  • Avoid transplant shock
  • Provide nutrients with essential nutrients and minerals available in the NutriZorb


Some of the uses for Horticulture and Sportsturf include

  • Nurseries for potting up
  • Landscapers for planting Trees & Shrubs (avoid transplant shock), ideal turfing on areas that will get lots of foot traffic, reinforcement
  • Sports Pitches, areas of heavy wear, Linesmans runs, goal areas, aeration
  • Compost Makers, aeration, nutrient retention
  • Sportsturf Contractors: Drainage improvements, pitch establishment
  • Farmers and Growers; Nutrient value.


The above are some of the benefits of NutriZorb and as you can read the benefits support a wide range of users. We have many great success stories with NutriZorb.

NitriZorb comes in different grades from fine dust, through to 4-6mm large granules

We currently have our large 4-6mm NutriZorb on offer at £330 per ton (inc vat) Delivered to site  

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