Manage your Sportsturf using the Soil Biology System for better and dryer conditions

Posted on 19th September, 2018



The Soil Biology Soil Based System. SOS.


Soil Biology system










Introduction to our unique, systems approach, to Amenity Turf.


We provide a very safe system to controlling plant organic matter in your turf.


We utilise soil biology & soil microbes to break down thatch & control disease.  This reduces disruption to your playing surfaces, which is a common practise with hollow coring and excessive sand dressings.


All our products are organic, acidic bio-stimulants which add to the safety of the green keepers, golfers & wildlife. The lower pH improves the performance of the gram-positive fungi which work tirelessly for you, reducing thatch & working to exclude the parasitic disease fungi. 


Here is a couple of products from our range:


Our NutriZorb, volcanic mineral provides a solid foundation, at a minimum of 4 tonnes per hectare. It supports the microbes with its honey combe shape & adsorbs ammonium (NH4+), the food source for microbes. It assists percolation so that you can play on your greens, right through the winter.


Our All-Weather Penetrant is cost effective to spray on sports pitches, fairways & greens to keep them dry & playable throughout the autumn/winter.

(No more temporary greens).


All our products have very low salt indexes which proves their safety, even to the soil microbes. This is a key to keeping the system, soil rootzone healthy to allow the microbes to multiply & to survive right through adverse conditions.


We utilise a high quality Leonardite as our base feed. SB Foundation HFU (Humic, Fulvic & Ulmic Acids) This product has a low pH to neutralise the high pH of your sand dressings.


Most of our nutrition is provided by our unique Flex Range of Amide based, foliar feeds which have a slow release in the plant. This provides even growth throughout the season. These foliar feeds also provide rich acidic exudates which feed the microbes & increase depth of rooting. The low pH of our products is critical to ensure that your spray tank water remains acidic. This helps to neutralise bicarbonates which hinder the plants ability to take up nutrition. The foliar feed can be sprayed at 200 L to 300 L water volume per hectare. This will improve your productivity.



Alongside our soil-based system: -


2) Foliar applied IPM Strategy.


Our IPM strategy & product portfolio consists of a range of disease preventative foliar sprays that utilises technology that stimulates the plants own immune system to fight off disease. This IPM package promotes growth & health of the plant over the autumn/winter period. 


Talk to us today and find out how our system will benefit your sportsturf.


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