Niall Gibb Lawn Care Expert


 Grassroots Turf Care providing Lawn Care in Glasgow and Surrounding areas


We offer:


  • Lawn Spraying (fertilisers, bio stimulants, weedkilling)
  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Lawn fertilising (granule)

I formed my company with the intention of helping home-owners and amateur gardeners around the country to look after the lawn and gardens.We now offer the following services.

  • Local Lawn Care Services:
    I offer in-person local lawn care services, visiting people’s homes to improve their lawn and garden.
  • Online Lawn Care Service:
    Many people just need a little advice when it comes to lawn care, and I can offer this online. Or over the phone

Thanks to my extensive fine turf experience, I now offer consultancy services to sports turf,  bowling greens and golf courses around the country.

For a free quote, or to enquire about any of these services, contact me here 


Testimonial: H. Kist Glasgow "Hiring this company has been such a good decision. No longer do I let the garden rule me : Grassroots Sportsturf's magic fairies never miss a visit and do a great job! I also don't need to worry about what to sprinkle in when to keep the grass green and the weeds down. Highly recommended. More reliable than others".


D. Girvan Croftfoot "Can highly recommend Grassroots. Excellent standard of work on time with very fair prices"



Organic Turf Care Glasgow


Our professional turfing and lawn replacement service is available as an alternative to our overseeding service for lawn which require:

  • Levelling
  • Heavy de-compaction
  • Heavy sub-surface de-thatching
  • Drainage installed
  • Irrigation installed
  • Removal of contaminated root zone
  • Increased root zone depth
  • Tree root removal 

 Our turfing and turf laying service includes:
  • Removal & professional disposal of any existing turf & thatch layer
  • Rotovation (breaking up root zone compaction)
  • Levelling & preparation of area incl. grading & rolling
  • Supply of high-quality suitable turf
  • Laying of new turf
  • Aftercare & maintenance programme recommendations


Niall Gibb – Lawn Care Expert

My name is Niall Gibb and have been a Head Greenkeeper of golf courses and Head Groundsman of Sports Pitches for around 20 years. During that time I have also had responsibility for maintaining and growing in a variety of sports pitches, public parks and newly constructed sites throughout the U.K. I have won awards for my sports and public parks.


We have a wealth of experience in lawn care. As a professional groundsman our owner Niall Gibb won awards from the Football Association, for his sports pitches in Fawley Southampton. On re locating back to Glasgow he is now putting these skills into practice improving lawns and sports turf throughout Scotland. Contact Grassroots Turf Care today


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 We provide an initial lawn survey which will determine what is required. For higher specifications of turf care, we can provide a soil analysis report as cost. (refunded back on suitable order sizes) After your free survey we report what your lawn requires and provide a programme of improvements. 

As a general outline we can provide;


  • seasonal feed & weed 
  • moss control
  • applications to keep your lawn healthy.
  • regular cutting

All of these include our selected fertiliser applications to provide your lawn with the nutrition it requires. We believe in an organic approach to turf care which boosts the Soil Food Web, opposed to inorganic fertilisers which harm the soil food web and only cause longer term problems. Please contact us for further information.


Your lawn may generally require the following turf care treatments


Spring treatment

Early Summer treatment

Late Summer Treatment

Autumn Treatment

Winter Treatment


Your lawn may also require some of the services below which will be outlined in your maintenance plan:





Top Dressing

Soil improver/amendment


If your lawn is in need of complete refurbishment we offer our own Restore service which is provided at a fraction of the cost of installing a new lawn. We can transform your lawn from being poorly to an excellent quality lawn in 6-8 weeks using our own products and methods 


We also offer a more detailed soil analysis programme, where we take samples and send for a full report on available nutrients, pH etc and can tailor a programme to suit. We are suppliers of Soil Biology Ltd products designed to eliminate the need for synthetic fertilisers and pesticides so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are following an organic programme.  


Lawn Spraying




Overseeding of an existing lawn or turf area is a recognised and essential part of any damaged or worn turf maintenance programme, including golf and bowling greens. All lawns are affected by the specific growing environment in which they exist, their level of use, general weather conditions and of course their current or historical maintenance.

Our overseeding service is available as an alternative to our re-turfing service for lawn’s which do not require to be lifted and re-laid, however, still require improving or repairing beyond what our Annual Lawn Care Programme can achieve.

Overseeding your lawn will:

  • Improve sward density, vigour and quality
  • In-fill damaged or tinned areas
  • Improve turf colour
  • Reduce weed & moss invasion through a thicker, denser sward
  • Rejuvenate worn or damaged lawns


Garden Services:


We also offer a range of Garden Services including


  • Fencing & Decking
  • Tree Surgery
  • Tree & Shrub Planting (We can supply)
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Winter Maintenance
  • Winter Gritting
  • Landscaping

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