Elite Green
Reference: GRSEG
Category: Grass SeedGolf & Bowls
100% Browntop Bent mixture for Golf & Bowling Greens Description Headstart Gold Elite Green will produce a fine, dense, hard-wearing surface with high disease resistance. Strengths Renovation of golf and bowling greens Tolerant of close mowing...
Green Baize
Reference: GRSGB
Category: Grass SeedGolf & Bowls
Sport Golf & Bowling & Croquet Ryegrass No PRINT FRIENDLY PAGE Description Headstart Gold A fast establishing mixture, Green Baize will produce a fine, dense surface that is tolerant of close mowing with good disease resistance.
Reference: GREENS1
Category: Grass SeedGolf & Bowls
A high quality traditional 80/20 greens mixture Greens produces a dense, fine leaved, attractive sward with good colour. Throughout the year. Strengths High disease resistance Traditional mix Fine, dense sward Tolerates close mowing Golf and bo...