SB Foundation HFU is a premium-quality Leonardite granule. Specially selected from an ultra high grade deposit of Leonardite. SB Foundation HFU is a very rich source of Humic and Fulvic and Ulmic acids and various other nutrients.

Ideal for Horticulture & Sportsturf applications
The greatest value of humic and fulvic acids is their role as chelators.
Why use Humic products€ We must put Carbon back into our soils and rootzones in a readily available manner, while reducing our dependancy on synthetic fertilisers and chemicals

Humic Acids & Seaweed extracts when used together work 50% more effectively than either product used alone.

Humic Benefits
Help convert elements to plant food
Rich in organic/ mineral substances
Retains soluble fertilisers in root zone
Has high ion-exchange capacities
Time release nutrients as needed
Stabilise nitrogen applications
Breaks down salt complexes
Buffers pH of soils
Absorbs toxins like salt water and pesticides
Carbon charges bind to the toxic molecule, allowing microbes to break it down
Increase water holding capacity
Increases aeration of soils
Builds organic matter
Improves seed bed

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