SB is a Phillipsite-Chabazite species zeolite. A natural ocurring zeolite used in Horticulture & Sports Turf

Zeolite is a natural magnet for nutrients and ammonium absorbsion
Improves nutrient and fertiliser retention in the root zone
Granules absorb soluble nitrogen and potassium, reducing leaching of key nutrients
Porous granules increase aeration resulting in healthier turf
Improves germination rates
Helps protect against fertiliser scorch
Robust granules resist soil compaction
For golf greens they will reduce fertiliser applications, provide firmer & drier greens
Ideal for wear areas.

In Horticulture zeolite is ideal when potting up in size or transplanting to the ground add Zeolite to add Air Filled Porosity (AFP). Helps percolation in the planting holes so the young trees do not drown. Slow release form of nutrition. Iron Oxide present helps plants recover quickly from transplant shock.
sizes 0.5-2 mm, 2-5 mm, 0.0-0.50 mm

Price is for 25 litres bag plus Carriage

Available in 1000Kg bags.

Contact us for price for larger quantities

Category: Soil Amendments