Companion Biological Inoculant Goes Above and Beyond Chemical Fungicides. A broad spectrum biological inoculant for soil-borne and foliar diseases.

A broad-spectrum biological fungicide for soil-borne and foliar diseases
Companion's GB03 strain of Bacillus subtilis has multiple modes of action to prevent and control plant diseases. It produces a broad-spectrum Iturin antibiotic that disrupts the cell-wall formation of pathogens, and it triggers an advantageous Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) in plants, whereby a plant's natural immune system is activated to fight plant diseases. Companion's fast-colonizing beneficial rhizobacteria stimulate root growth and promote turf vigor while also crowding out plant pathogens. Easy to use and handle, Companion is an environmentally-friendly fungicide with an unsurpassed safety profile and a low 0-4 hours REI. Because its modes of action circumvent the development of pathogen resistance and since it can be used alone or in combination with traditional chemical fungicides, Companion is the ideal foundation for an effective integrated pest management and disease management program for turf disease control and for plants. Buy your turf disease control from grassroots turf care, the industry experts.
Companion® was the first-ever EPA registered liquid biofungicide on the U.S. market
Over 15 years of university testing
Researched at over 30 accredited institutions across the country and around the globe
Registered and approved for use in over 25 countries

Pack size 4l
Application rate 4l / Ha product in 300l water / Ha

Price includes VAT Carriage £24 overnight
Category: Disease Control