SB BioCarb 3:0:12 part of the SB Flex Foliar Feed range designed to eliminate dependancy on synthetic pesticides & fertilisers.
SB BioCarb 3:0:12 is a mildly acidic early - start and autumn foliar fertiliser specifically formulated for amenity turf applications.
SB BioCarb 3:0:12 supplies an amide form of nitrogen that can be readily taken up through the plant leaf when cold soil temperatures restrict root uptake.
SB BioCarb 3:0:12 contains a stabilised plant extract able to stimulate early season photosynthesis, root and shoot growth together with a simple carbohydrate source to encourage microbial growth in rootzone.

Apply at rate of 30 litres per Ha in 200l (max 300) litres of water

Pack size listed 20l Also available in 200l
200l £450