SB HyBridTea for degrading thatch
SB HyBridTea is a consortium of synergistic rhisophere bacteria and fungi developed specifically to address the problems associated with amenity turf management.

The product has specific microbes to degrade thatch (plant organic matter).
The Phanerochaete fungi degrade the lignin based thatch produced by the finer, perennial grass species.
The Tricoderma reesei fungi degrade the cellulose based thatch produced by the annual grass species.
The Bacillus range of bacteria play a role in disease prevention and thatch degradation.

Hybrid Teas can be pre-mixed in the spray tank with 2L SB BioSea CP for 30 minutes of agitation prior to adding the bio-stimulants and biological remedies.

Hybrid Teas can replace a compost tea programme but perform at their best in conjunction with a compost tea programme.

Price 1Kg - £129 plus Carriage