Flex Fertilisers eliminate dependency on synthetic pesticides & fertilisers.

SB FlexBio 18:0:3 is a revolutionary development in foliar nutrition developed specifically for amenity turf applications. FlexBio is formulated using a unique process, which complexes amide nitrogen with a balanced range of essential macro and micronutrients providing complete slow - release and long – lasting nutrition to the plant via the leaf.
As the nutrients remain in a complex until taken up by the plant, nutrient release is controlled and precise; the plant can assimilate the nutrients it needs efficiently and without energy expenditure or nutrient loss to the soil. The product maintains a very low salt index. The complex of nutrients works synergistically with stabilised plant extracts giving increased chlorophyll production, photosynthesis and photorespiration.
The result for the plant is easy uptake of balanced nutrients and stimulants. This provides an increase in root mass, tillering and shoot strength and a healthy plant that is better able to withstand the stresses of intensive wear and management.
Apply at a rate of 30 litres per Ha in 200 (max. 300) litres of water.

Price 20l - £75
200l = £600

Price plus carriage