An easy to use mycorrhizae granule, apply to planting hole when planting Trees and shrubs. Use with grass seed on lawns etc

Mycorrhizae are symbiotic associations between beneficial fungi (Glomus spp.) and plant roots. The fungus enters the roots (without damaging them) and in turn produces significant root growth. For each 1cm of root emerge around 3 metres of mycorrhizal root, allowing the crop to reach areas where they could not reach without the mycorrhizae. At the same time the root is protected by the beneficial fungus from attack by some pathogens.

Benefits: Mycorrhizae icreases water and nutrient absorption, stimulates plant growth and survival during stress conditions such as drought, salinity, poor soils or extreme pH etc. Is an easy to use granule, to apply to planting hole.

Comes in 1kg tub ideal for domestic lawns and gardens.