Sports Pitch Maintenance

Our aim is to provide a high level of workmanship to local sports clubs and organisations at affordable rates.

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Pitch Condition

Sport surfaces sustain wear and tear from heavy use and punishing weather conditions.  Regular and seasonal maintenance is essential for optimum performance and to provide the best possible user experience.


At Grassroots Turf Care we know that an immaculate, well-maintained pitch means your club or team performs better and your reputation is enhanced.



Whether you’re looking for a survey, advice, regular maintenance contractor or have one-off project we can help.




Stirling Albion FC using Soil Biology Products

Sports Turf Maintenance at affordable rates.


Grassroots Turf Care provides a complete range of maintenance services for sports fields, fine turf surfaces and amenity areas.


We provide affordable turf care for all.  This can consist of some simple advice through to an annual maintenance programme, Grassroots Turf Care cover it all.

Grassroots Turf Care is a sports turf management company serving the Central belt of Scotland. We will cover other areas on request


We provide grounds services for all types of sports facilities: football, golf, rugby, cricket pitches, shinty and bowling greens.


With our long background in Sports turf, we have worked at Premiership level as well as Local Authority Level so have the knowledge and experience to help maximise budgets and create a maintenance programme to suit. 


We have also worked at professional golf events, providing tournament support, so we know what it takes.



Turf Care to Establish new pitches



  • Maintenance
  • Renovations
  • Line Marking
  • Spraying Service
  • Aeration
  • Labour Support

We can help from full annual contracts or we can provide labour support to clubs cover staff shortages. This helps golf clubs cover tournaments and events. Matchday support for football clubs etc.


Talk to us to see how we can help 


Spraying Contractors
Football pitch spraying
Springload & CPPA, Molassas

Spraying Services


We are Pa1, Pa2a & Pa6 qualified for Pesticide spraying. We can provide the following spraying services

  • Total Weedkilling: Domestic & Commercial
  • Selective Weedkilling: Lawn & Sportsturf
  • Liquid Fertilisers & Bio Stimulants applied
  • Growth Regulators
  • Moss & Algae Control: Tennis Courts & other hard surfaces
  • Initial site spraying (herbicide)


Start with Soil Analysis


SB Soil Analysis

Key Facts

This unique analysis provides a broad picture of rootzone conditions, not just a narrow snapshot of immediately available nutrients that is common to many "Free Soil Analyses" offered by fertiliser companies.


The comprehensive SB Nutrient Analysis means the turf manager is not guessing about fertiliser requirements and is able to justify budget planning.


The SB Nutrient Analysis can be a stand-alone service, leaving the turf manager free to decide which supplier to use to fulfill their requirements. Turfgrass Agronomists can also use this comprehensive service for their own clients.


Contact us for more information or to book your Soil Analysis.





Technical Description

The SB Soil Anaylsis presents the following information:

  • Standard Sufficiency Level of Available Nutrients (SLAN) - shows the nutrients in solution in the soil water and available for immediate plant uptake
  • Trace elements - essential for plant and soil microbe health
  • ISO/IEC - internaitonally recognised nutrient measurements of magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)
  • Rootzone Chemistry - give measure ment of pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, Colloidal Organic Matter (the portion of OM that retains and exchanges nutrients), Electrical Conductivity (, % Base Saturation
  • Minimum Level for Sustainabel Nutrition (MLSN) - measurements of nutrent levels as recomneded by the PACE Turfgrass Research Intsitute, measured using Meihlech 3 method.
  • Total Mineral Nutrients - the amount of mineral nutrients that could be available to the plantsubject to and active microbe population and plant metabolism
  • % base Saturation - shows the balance between the desired and actual contents of positive charge nutrients, i.e. calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), Sodium (Na) and Hydrogen (H)

This comprehensive analysis gives the full information required to make informed decisions on fertiliser requirements instead of Precision Guesswork.


Artificial Golf & Lawn Grass Suppliers

Install County Artificial Golf Grass now and enjoy all year-round golf.  When installed, the County Artificial Golf Grass can be used at any time of the year making it perfect for winter tee’s, winter golf mats, pathways and putting areas for golf all year round!


We have several artificial golf grass products.


We supply artficial grass to golf courses and sports facilities, our range can also be used for corporate use, trade shows, events and also for domestic lawns.


Have you always wanted your own golf area in your garden? Well now you can, talk to us today and see how we can bring your ideas into reality

Golf Mats

Golf pathway grass

Golf putting grass

Golf tee grass

Golf fringe/ lawn grass

Golf bunker lining


The County Golf Fairway Mat measures 20cm x 40cm. It is a very robust, stable & durable Hitting/Practice mat, ideal for use when Winter rules apply to your Club. It has already proved to be a much more enjoyable playing option to your club’s standard mats!  It comes with a dense 12mm grass playing surface inset into a heavy-duty rubber frame, enabling the player to hit his shot without the mat shifting on impact.

This mat comes with its own Black Oxford Bag, & also uses the Premium putting grass!

This Mat is fully Portable, for use anywhere!!
It’s thick rubber base means that it will gently roll whichever way the ground contours lie! This mat comes with its own Black Oxford Bag, & also uses the Premium putting grass!

Artificial Grass Description: 
Standard size 3.5m x 1.5m
Suitable For:
Putting Green, balconies, patios, lawns & decking areas also ideal for a portable teaching aid.

The County Hitting mat uses our Nylon 35mm Tee Turf which is attached to a 10mm hard foam base. The mat measures 1.5m x 1.5m. This mat is ideal for Practice Nets, Range areas & can also be used as a moveable temporary Tee area.  The turf can either be played directly off the surface, or you can insert a tee peg anywhere to play a drive from. No infill needed.

Heavy duty, hard wearing, synthetic artificial grass. Requires No Infill. MORE INFO
The artificial standard golf turf comes with a pile height of 12mm. Heavy duty, hardwearing synthetic non-infill artificial grass.
Suitable For: 
Putting green, pathway areas, balconies, patios, lawns & decking areas
in 2m & 4m wide rolls


This putting grass has a pile height of 16mm! The extra density of the PE fibres gives a wonderfully true run of the ball.

This putting grass has a pile height of 16mm! The extra density of the PE fibres gives a wonderfully true run of the ball. The ball will run between 10.5ft & 11ft on the stimp. Perfect for Practice, Winter Greens, or even your Back Garden!!

in 4m wide rolls


As our Seasons here in Britain get wilder & wetter, we feel that the demand for an alternative Putting surface is getting stronger. We have all played on Putting greens which are permanently waterlogged, or which grow irregularly due to the proximity of large trees etc. The County Premium Putting Green grass is the perfect answer to this problem. Just think, you could either use it as a permanent Winter Green or even at other times of the year when the weather gets bad enough. You could simply close the usual Green, thereby saving it from further damage, & temporarily direct your members on to your County Premium Putting Green.

 County 30 Tee grass is the very latest Non-Infill High-density Nylon PA/PP mixed yarn artificial grass designed for Tee areas and practice hitting zones.

Artificial Grass Description: 
County 30 Tee Turf has been made using the very latest high-density Nylon PA/PP mixed yarn. This grass has been designed for Tee areas, Practice Hitting Zones and Short Game areas. It has exceptional durability and playing characteristics. No infill needed.

Artificial Grass Suitable For: 

Tee areas and practice hitting zones. Availability: Available in 2/4m width, standard roll length is 18m.

The County Fringe grass is ideal for use as a Putting Green fringe, a Buggy/Trolley Path, or as a realistic alternative to a Lawned area.

The County Fringe artificial golf grass comes with a two tone straight green yarn, which combined with a beige textured yarn, gives the look, feel, colour and structure of everyday natural grass. 30mm pile height.

Suitable For:
Pathways, Putting Green surrounds, Lawns, Play areas, Patios, Balconies etc

County Bunker Lining is a Cream coloured grass with a pile height of 19mm.  When laid into a Bunker, simply add the sand on top of the liner & your Bunker is open to play.  The sand will work its way into the pile, & then into the drainage holes positioned every 100mm on the grass rubber backing.


This allows a well-drained Bunker to continue to be just that.  All that is needed after that is to keep topping up the Bunkers sand.